Olivari Audio Cookbook App Is A Kitchen Life-Saver

Olivari Audio Cookbook is a life-saving application to help you forget kitchen clumsiness. The cooking-app created by twofifteenmccann with UNIT9 is hands-free and responds to user’s voice command, so you can save your device from splashes of egg yolk or butter stains.


5 Tips For an Awesome Seafood Chowder

Chowder sounds intimidating doesn’t it? As the summer air turns a bit cooler, cozy soups become more and more appealing. Use these tips by Food52 to concoct the ultimate seafood chowder.

Peach Crumble Video Recipe1

Peach Crumble Video Recipe

Prepare yourself before watching this video because you will have a ridiculous craving for peach cobbler and ice cream. A beautifully done video recipe is a hard feat to get right but this short directed, filmed and edited by Neha Deshmukh looks effortless.

The Perfect Side Dish

The Perfect Side Dish

Have you noticed your increase in love for cauliflower? Well this trendy veggie is delicious every which way: raw, roasted, halved and baked, puréed and so much more. Generally speaking the cauliflower in this recipe is broken into florets and sliced, mixed with oil and fresh herbs and roasted. A no fuss side dish to…


Nutella Crepe Cake

With the NYC weather dropping into the single digits, staying home and shoveling Nutella and hot chocolate in my mouth sounds like the way to go. A more elegant (equally delicious) option would be this mouthwatering Nutella Crepe Cake.

Baked Rosemary and Basil Zucchini Chips4

Baked Rosemary and Basil Zucchini Chips

How many times have you started on a bag of potato chips, promising yourself you will only eat the recommended serving size (ok maybe a little more) and before you know it the bottom of the bag contains only crumbs and your salty fingers searching for the last normal sized chip. Ok well this recipe…