XX Dinners By Ithai Schori and Chris Taylor

With more than 100 seasonal recipes for twenty dinners, Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor and photographer and former professional cook Ithai Schori share their passion for making good food and feeding friends with their new cookbook XX Dinners.


Italian Gastronomy

Kaitlyn Du Ross is a very talented freelance prop stylist based in Brooklyn, NY. She specializes in culinary props for food and still life photography.  Simplicity underlies her work as each element is carefully selected and placed to ensure perfect compositional balance. With a holistic approach Kaitlyn explores color, lines, layering and form to ensure…


Visual Victuals Cookbook Infographs

We have started to see more and more people from outside landscapes dabble in the food industry. This has resulted in a constant flow of conceptual and creative projects with food at their core.