Industrial Artist Loft Close from Lake Como

Built in 1926 and located close to Lake Como, in northern Italy. This gorgeous 270 square meters loft was kept in its original form and holds many of its owner own artwork. Architect and artist Marco Vido has been content with small steps to make it into his dream apartment.


Ice Cream That Doesn’t Melt!

Are you sick and tired of the sun melting your Ice Cream? These are handmade from concrete and have a wooden paddle pop stick and cost only $14! 


“SPACES” Miniature Concrete Pieces

Indian design studio Material Immaterial have conceived these miniature concrete pieces that they fondly call “SPACES” to advocate and celebrate concrete’s beauty efficacy and its incalculable contribution to creating and defining spaces in the modern life.


Tofer Chin at Maderas Village

Tofer Chin’s stalagmite installations at Maderas Village, Nicaragua, are not only an original addition to their natural landscape but also mark the beginning of an initiative to explore artistic collaborations among artists and spaces at the boutique hotel.


Landmark Home in Pacific Palisades

If you live in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles or have even driven on Sunset to get to Pacific Coast Highway chances are you have noticed this architectural landmark of a house that hangs in solus above the bluff as you take the turn up to Chautauqua.


The Waterhouse at South Bund [Shanghai]

This great contemporary hotel is located in the most trendy area of Shanghai at South Bund. Designed by Neri & Hu in 2010, ‘The Waterhouse’ hotel was originally a warehouse from the 1930’s that has been converted to accommodate 19 private rooms as well as


TrendHome: Modern & Industrial White Loft in Barcelona

It is rare to find a place like this in Barcelona! Originally a textile workshop, the 1830 Sqft (170 square meters) space was fully redone and became a true NY style loft with large open spaces, high ceilings, large windows, structural beams in sight and the mix of wood and concrete for texture. The


Florian Schmid Concrete Stitching

After discovering the concrete design by Shnmuel Linksi, here is Stitching Concrete, a project by industrial design graduate Florian Schmid. Using the new material Concrete Canvas, it combines the softness of cloth with the stability of concrete to make these beautiful stools.

Concrete Design by Shmuel Linski-1

Concrete Design by Shmuel Linski

Israeli product designer Shmuel Linski has a passion for working with raw, rough materials. This love brought him to using concrete as the main material in unexpected consumer products. Here are two products of his latest design: speakers and coffee machine.