Adriana Duque’s Icons

Written by Mateus Andrade Adriana Duque is a Colombia-based photographer that has gained attention throughout the world exploring themes around childhood and creating meticulous mise-en-scènes.

Jeremy Blincoe image 5

Jeremy Blincoe’s Wander and Wonder Series

Melbourne based photographer Jeremy Blincoe’s photographic series Wander and Wonder capture ragamuffin-like children wandering through marvelous ‘fairytailesque’ landscapes. Indeed there is a general reminiscent feeling in Blincoe’s work that spurs up ideals of the old Brothers Grimms’ Fairy Tales and other such childhood fables.


Ruud Van Empel Fine Art photography

51 year old Dutch photographer Ruud Van Empel has been working in the collage/photoshop medium since the late 90s. Famous for his digitally manipulated, slightly eerie looking pictures of children. Van Empel’s trademark pieces are picturing (mostly) black children in the middle of vibrant jungle or verdant landscapes.