The Stunning Ceramics of Elena Salmistraro

I just stumbled on these gorgeous Ape ceramics by Italian product designer and artist, Elena Salmistraro. The Milan based who graduated from Polytechnic University of Milan in 2008, founded her own studio together with architect Angelo Stoli in 2009, where she has been working on architectural and design projects ever since.


Alissa Volchkova’s Abstract Ceramics

Alissa Volchkova’s ‘Liquid Series’ is a project exploring the physicality of porcelain. Born out of artist’s fascination with the liquid state and the qualities of the clay material, Volchkova aimed to push the limits of what might seem fragile.


Extraordinary Maruhiro Ceramics Store [Japan]

Maruhiro‘s flagship store in Saga Prefecture, Japan, features a snow-white, site-specific installation of layered tableware. The leading producer of Hasami ceramics gathered 25,000 products to create an artisanal surface made of plates, bowls and cups.


Julie Richoz’s Peculiar Objects

With her own Parisian studio since 2012, Swiss-French designer, Julie Richoz keeps on developing gorgeous products as well as collaborating with acclaimed brands including Alessi, Artecnica, Louis Poulsen and more recently Louis Vuitton.