Scattered Posters By Angello Torres

Graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Angello Torres, envisioned a series of dreamy, scattered posters. Focusing on neat typography, the works illustrate films, art events or depict loose thoughts and ideas.


Casa Cavia Concept Store

Casa Cavia in Palermo, Buenos Aires, beautifully blends taste, sights, and sounds, creating a cultural center that highlights the essence of the historic building.


Manuel Ameztoy’s Pop-Up Paradises

Argentinian artist Manuel Ameztoy has created Paraísos desplegables (Pop-up Paradises), a site-specific solo exhibition in the Faena Arts Center in Buenos Aires. The installation reaches 630 m² of cut and non-woven fabrics that hang from the ceiling of the space imitating a natural landscape that coexists with


A Photographic Journey Through South America

Its always a pleasure to look through your friends photos after they return form a trip, especially when its somewhere you have never been or seen. Everyone has their way of capturing the highlights of a place and their interpretation of its beauty. Here is an exquisite photographic journal through Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Chile.