Fondly Branding Inspired by Typewriting

Fondly is a catering company in love with the past, headed by a chef Maria Zabala. Its branding, designed by Andres Dominguez, was inspired by an era where people were still writing letters. The typewriter is used as nostalgic symbol while the typography is a hint to old post stamps. Soft, pastel pink palette makes…


Botanical Brand Identity For LOV Restaurant

Return to the essentials – nature – lays at the heart of LOV – a vegan restaurant in Montreal focusing on ‘botanical kitchen’. Designed by TUX Creative Co., LOV’s visual identity follows the


Biggest Vintage Collection of Bicycle Headbadges

Bike geek and avid collector of headbadges, Jeffrey Conner has one of the biggest collection of vintage headbadge, showcasing retro branding from famous brands such as Raleigh and Schwinn but also a lot more independent brands.