A Weekend at Casa Burano [Venice]

Everybody knows Venice, but only very few also knows that in a 20 minutes ferry from Piazza San Marco you can reach a little island that has same bones and blood as Venice (houses, canals, bridges) but a completely different look.


Modern and Eclectic Hotel Vue [Beijing]

Hotel Vue in Beijing is set on the edge of Houhai Lake, overlooking the park district of the Chinese capital. Envisioned by a Sinagpore-based studio, Ministry of Design, eclectic interiors feature different architectural styles and marry Western and traditional cultures.


Lavish ‘Provocateur Hotel’ [Berlin]

Provocateur Hotel in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district seduces guests with its concept. A combination of Parisian burlesque and the urban spirit of Berlin, the interiors were designed to appear sensual and mystic.


Industrial Chic Mood at The Warehouse Hotel [Singapore]

Located on the Robertson Quay in Singapore, the Warehouse Hotel was designed by a local design studio Asylum. Based in an old, industrial building dating back to the period of Singapore’s spice trade height, the lobby features an original brick wall, black metal gate and raw, ribbed reception desk.


Aire De Bardenas Hotel [Spain]

Somewhere in the middle of a wheat field, minutes away from the Natural Park of the Bardenas of Navarra, stands a sleek, minimal hotel conceived by Emiliano López & Mónica Rivera. Aire de Bardenas features


Poli House Hotel In Tel Aviv Revives The Magic Of Bauhaus

Famous for over 4,000 Bauhaus buildings, the Poli House is a newly renovated treasure of Tel Aviv. Located on the corner of Nahalat Binyamin and Allenby, the building was turned into a boutique hotel. A commercial space since 1934, it was now redesigned by Karim Rashid, where the original spirit of the place got modernized.