Botanical Brand Identity For LOV Restaurant

Return to the essentials – nature – lays at the heart of LOV – a vegan restaurant in Montreal focusing on ‘botanical kitchen’. Designed by TUX Creative Co., LOV’s visual identity follows the


The Intricate Collages of Bedelgeuse

Travis Bedel, better known as Bedelgeuse, works and currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona. After following a training in sound design, he moved to the artwork where he developed a very personal technique of collages inspired by anatomical, botanical or entomological boards.


Botanical Branding For Syntonics

Holistic hair care brand Syntonics presents a branding inspired by old botanical sketches. Created by a Dutch design studio FormNation, the visual identity reflects the brand approach to the craft, where natural ingredients are used in line with scientific innovations.


Folklorious Botanical Identity

Folklorious is a brand of cool-hunted accessories from all over the world. Elevating new, little-known designers, it is a self-proclaimed “canvas for personal Folklore”. The visual identity was designed by a Barcelona-based Quim Marin, we already introduced with  his modernist Swiss style posters.


NEST Fragrances Botanical Packaging

Designed by a Russian artist Alexander ‘Sasha’ Solodukho, the packaging for a New York- based fragrance brand NEST is inspired by 18th century botanical drawings. Each bottle is classic in its proportions, yet these are the illustrations hidden inside each glass container that add a unique, vintage touch to the perfume.