MS MR: Hurricane

  FREE DOWNLOAD HERE   On the crowded shores of deviant-pop, there stand an ambitious cult of music artists laboring over perfect pitches, mechanical textures and absolute anonymity. MS MR  may as well be at the head of the table with “Hurricane.” 

OS 1

OS Accessories

OS is a handcrafted accessories line based on bones. Inspired by beautiful tribal necklaces found during an out-of-town trip, three friends Paul Jatayna, Kat Medina, and AJ Omandac immediately got to work, learning how to make molds and create realistic-looking bone reproductions using polyurethane.


Data Romance : Bones

Splitting differences can be a challenge. But the paradox-loving duo of Data Romance are up for it. Indeed, they send analog textures careening through digital soundscapes, use futuristic instrumentation to tell time-tested, heart-on-sleeve stories, and offer up a brand of music that owes equal debts to the bewitching female-fronted indie pop of Bat For Lashes…