‘i ro se’ Japanese Leather Products

i ro se is a Japanese brand established by two brothers from Tokyo. When they were children, they often had fun making toys with junk in and around their house. Now, as two grown-ups, they made a platform called i ro se where they create products with the same playfulness they had in their childhood.


Bags Like Toys By Les Petits Joueurs

Les Petits Joueurs transform purses into quirky statement pieces. Crafted in Italy, it was during her travels to Paris and Sao Paulo that the founder, Maria Sole, came up with an idea to create a collection of playful accessories she initially wore herself.


Du Zen! Multifunctional Leather

With a perfect balance of playful, bold, and practical, the Du Zen! design philosophy is epitomized by smart silhouettes and pops of color.


Anastasiya Komarova’s Forms

Four years is not really a long lifetime for a brand. Especially one that’s as developed and extraordinary as Anastasiya Komarova‘s Forms. The first fashion brand from the 28-year-old Russian architect churns out some of the most unique leather clutches, cuffs, and accessories that you won’t want to let go of.


Mansur Gavriel Bags Hold It All

Every bag loving individual knows that practicality and functionality are just as important as style, and that leather clutch—although chic—cannot carry all your contents.