Anai Greog Illustrations Are Optical Illusions

Anai Greog is a Romanian illustrator that works purely with the digital. She approached the circle as a method to investigate oneself which is the frame for her graphic series of visuals that take form of optical illusions.


Regine Schumann Fluorescent Acrylic Glass Art

German visual artist Regine Schumann is recognized for her artworks in which light, and its transformative powers in particular, plays a key in the experience and exploration of color and form. Schumann’s innovative use of materials and color combinations provides each work with a unique and ineffable luminosity.


Introspective Collages By Rita Zimmermann

Multi-disciplinary artist Rita Zimmermann creates nostalgic collages that look into the world of women through a lens of pop culture. Dreamy and surrealistic, Zimmermann’s works refer to Dadaism and are made with simple methods.


Mathieu Lehanneur Spring Exhibition

In his ‘Spring’ exhibition at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London, Mathieu Lehanneur takes us into a world of flux. As if the cycle of the seasons and nature’s forces have specially looked at the fate of objects…


Playful Swimwear By Collar Looks Like Body Paintings

Collar is a lingerie label from Latvia, exploring graphic color combinations. For the SS17 collection ‘Athirst’, brand’s founder, Monta Aspane, developed a series of unique, abstract prints that were conceived to reflect the meaning of the archaic English phrase that signifies a strong desire and craving.