Through The Mask Exhibition

Through The Mask takes a closer look at “the mask” as an emblematic object represented in many different cultural contexts. Curated by Martin Guinard, the exhibition brings together contemporary artists from


Uncomfortable by Patrice Letarnec

Chairs, tables and sofas have usually functions, what if you take those functions off the object? It becomes, kind off useless, turning into an art piece. We love the ‘Uncomfortable’ series of French photographer Patrice Letarnec who turns classic Hee Welling, Jean Prouvé or Erwan Bouroullec pieces into some kind of prank!


Micro Matter by Byrosa

Dutch artist Rosa de Jong have been working on her latest project, Micro Matter where she creates these tiny floating islands inside test tubes.


Tatiana Blass’ Sculptures Melt On The Ground

‘Tails’ is a series of sculptural artworks by a Brazilian artist Tatiana Blass. Installations made of wooden chairs and other objects that carry a trail of different materials in curved shapes make her sculptures appear melting on the floor.


La Maison De La Celle-Saint-Cloud’ Art Installation

‘La Maison de La Celle-Saint-Cloud’ is an art installation from 1974, in a house built by French artist, Jean Pierre Raynaud. Fascinated by space, uniformity and identity, he began to build this house in 1969 using entirely white tiles with black grout, creating the regular grid pattern in a rigid and geometric form.


HECTOR FRANK: Bridge to Cuba Exhibition [NY]

Bryant Toth Fine Art and Gallery 151 are pleased to present an exhibition of works by Cuba-based artist Hector Frank, from November 3rd – November 10th at 132 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011. An exhibition catalogue with an essay by Jose Manuel Noceda, a celebrated Cuban Art Historian and Critic will be published.


Anai Greog Illustrations Are Optical Illusions

Anai Greog is a Romanian illustrator that works purely with the digital. She approached the circle as a method to investigate oneself which is the frame for her graphic series of visuals that take form of optical illusions.


Regine Schumann Fluorescent Acrylic Glass Art

German visual artist Regine Schumann is recognized for her artworks in which light, and its transformative powers in particular, plays a key in the experience and exploration of color and form. Schumann’s innovative use of materials and color combinations provides each work with a unique and ineffable luminosity.


Introspective Collages By Rita Zimmermann

Multi-disciplinary artist Rita Zimmermann creates nostalgic collages that look into the world of women through a lens of pop culture. Dreamy and surrealistic, Zimmermann’s works refer to Dadaism and are made with simple methods.


Mathieu Lehanneur Spring Exhibition

In his ‘Spring’ exhibition at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London, Mathieu Lehanneur takes us into a world of flux. As if the cycle of the seasons and nature’s forces have specially looked at the fate of objects…


Playful Swimwear By Collar Looks Like Body Paintings

Collar is a lingerie label from Latvia, exploring graphic color combinations. For the SS17 collection ‘Athirst’, brand’s founder, Monta Aspane, developed a series of unique, abstract prints that were conceived to reflect the meaning of the archaic English phrase that signifies a strong desire and craving.

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Stella Maria Baer’s Pastel Take On The Solar System

Delicate paintings by Stella Maria Baer offer an ethereal view of the universe. Using muted color palette and following simple composition rules, the American artist portrays the luminous solar system upon plain backgrounds.

dream-house -stamp-collection-by-kuocheng-liao-featured

Dream House Stamp Collection By Kuocheng Liao

Kuocheng Liao investigates dreams of an ideal house with a self-illustrated stamp collection. Taipei-based graphic designer has created a series of cartoon drawings that explore what a perfect shelter shall look like.

ice-cream-books -project-pairs-food-and-good-reads-1

Ice Cream Books Project Pairs Food And Good Reads

Ice Cream Books is an art project marrying the love for beautiful books and frozen delights. Set against saturated backgrounds, the pictures depict chocolate chip waffle cones and  refreshing popsicles melting on top of modern classics.


Color: Stained, Brushed and Poured

The David Richard Gallery is presenting “Color: Stained, Brushed and Poured” bringing together several artists whose enquiries into color theory and paint application revolutionized the course of abstraction in America.


Laurent Craste Ceramics Art

Laurent Craste is a Montreal-based, French artist whose work is a contemporary take on ceramics making. The artist recreates his own version of a common object like the vase, adding features like nails and flags to his uniquely-shaped artworks.


Olafur Elliasson in Versailles

After Anish Kapoor last year, it is now the turn of Danish-Icelandic visual artist Olafur Eliasson to take over the Château de Versailles until October 30th 2016. The work of the internationally acclaimed artist investigates perception, movement, embodied experience, and feelings of self.


Shirley: Film Inspired by Edward Hopper

From the canvas to the screen, Director Gustav Deutsch interprets the iconic paintings of Edward Hopper in the film Shirley: Visions of Reality. Deutschs architectural background allowed for accurate use of lighting,


Erik Jones Pop Art Girls

Erik Jones was born in Florida 1982 and currently based out of Brooklyn New York. His work focuses on pop culture using vibrant colors. Expressing a heightened sense of realism to capture his females subjects juxtaposed with sporadic markings


Art Getaway at El Cosmico Hotel

El Cosmico is a 21-acre nomadic hotel in the desert of Marfa, Texas. The campground is set with retro trailers, Sioux-style tepees, Mongolian yurts, and tents where guest can stay. Often hosting spiritual workshops, art and music events including the Trans Pecos Festival this coming September 22-25, 2016.