1888 Certified: High-Quality Butcher in Sydney

1888 Certified is the flagship store for a unique butcher in Double Bay. The high-quality butcher butcher designed by Australian interior design studio TomMarkHenry has been carefully and creatively designed to considers the story of the owners who are farmers themselves and embraces how they wanted to bring their product to their customers.


Modernist Barcelo Torre De Madrid Hotel

Hotel Barcelo Torre de Madrid is a modernist pearl. Designed by Jaime Hayon, it’s a nod to Spanish cultural heritage. Located between Calle Princesa and Gran Vía, the 256-room hotel features an eclectic mix of Arabic and Moorish details.


Vila Matilde House – São Paulo [Brazil]

It was in 2011 when Studio Terra e Tuma Architects from São Paulo was approached by a young man with a very delicate request: to built a house for his mother Dona Dalva, a lady on her 70s, with very low budget. His mother’s house was collapsing and with serious health and safety issues. The…


Marietta Varga’s Dreamlike Photographs Of Hungarian Suburbs

Hungarian photographer, Marietta Varga, captures the suburbs of her home country with great subtlety. Her neat, pastel photographs of Siófok, a small town on the southern bank of the Lake Balaton, try to highlight the contrast between our imagination and the reality.