Adrère Amellal [Egypt]

There are places that change you forever – that’s by far the greatest gift a journey can offer to the adventure traveler. Adrère Amellal, an eco-luxury hotel in the depths of the Egyptian desert is the place that changed me forever. Located in the otherworldly Siwa Oasis, at the foot of the White Mountain, in…


Chelsea Bravo’s ‘Dysfunction’ Collection

London-based menswear designer Chelsea Bravo’s presents her collection, ‘Dysfunction’, inspired by “dysfunctional emotion, geometric architecture including the work of artist/architeft Junya Ishigam, and Central African dress”.


Konono No. 1 : Paradiso

Sometimes you hear of bands being called DIY bands because they produce their own albums.  Doing everything themselves, from recording in the studio to printing and releasing the actual CDs.  Rarely do you hear about a band that takes it to the next level by creating their own instruments from scratch.  Konono No. 1, a…