Mind Blowing New TV AD for Guinness Africa

Up-and-coming director Londoner Kibwe Tavares helms this electric commercial for Guinness Africa Special with nary a pub or bar in sight. Instead, the film is a restless celebration of what it means to get that heart-rate pounding – and it’s not afraid to get in your face about it.


SOS Children’s Village Located in Hottest Place on Earth

Urko Sanchez Architects built this 15-home village in Djibouti, for the SOS Children’s Organization. The development was located on the Horn of Africa, a mostly French and Arabic-speaking country of dry shrublands, volcanic formations and Red Sea beaches – a site known for one of the hottest temperatures on earth. With these conditions in mind,…


North of the Border: In Celebration of Africa Day

In celebration of Africa Day, 10and5 selected some highlights of the exceptional bourgeoning creativity from Africa. ” Africa is a vast, nuanced and constantly changing space. To try and sum up ‘Africa’ in any sense is a failure of both understanding and imagination.”


Tune-Yards : Nikki Nack

It’s been over two years since the amazingly eccentric Merrill Garbus—the talent behind Tune-Yards— released her highly acclaimed album w h o k i l l s. The New England native had huge success rooted in her eclectic and unorthodox musical format which was very much influenced by her travels to Africa where she bound…


North Meets South By: Lidewij Edelkoort

East-meets-west in this visual representation of the subconscious unification of world culture. No matter how far the distance, elements from two parts of the globe are compared and surprisingly unified in design and aesthetic. Moving into a more raw era of design, the importance of artisans and


Janka Nabay & the Bubu’s Gang: Feba

  They are the history lesson untaught, the newsflash unpublished, and ancient traditions unearthed on the cusp of contemporary Brooklyn electro-dance wed with a coercing Sierra Leone in the bubu six-piece, Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang (Janka Nabay, vocals; Boshra AlSaadi, vocals (Saadi); Jonathan Leland, drums (Skeletons); Michael Gallope, keyboards (Skeletons/Starring); Nico Testa, guitar; Pat Noecker, bass (These Are Powers)). Together Janka Nabay and the band are…


Fool’s Gold : Surprise Hotel

Here is a little flavor for your day from a band that goes by the name of Fool’s Gold. For all you peops that haven’t yet been exposed to this colorful LA ensemble, the diverse 12 person group is composed of an array of some very talented and unique musicians including a Ghana trained percussion…


Jehad Nga: Turkana exhibition at Bonni Benrubi

Here is the beautiful work of American photographer Jehad Nga, his Turkana series, are portraits of Kenyan local tribes in a purpose-built, darkened off hut, so that the viewer is confronted with the individuals and is not distracted by the dire surroundings… The exhibition is on at


Tribal by Herring & Herring Photography

I just stumbled upon this stunning editorial called Tribal photographed by Herring & Herring, the styling and makeup are just sumptuous ! Herring & Herring is a collaboration between Dimitri Scheblanov (Russia/USA) and Jesper Carlsen (Denmark/USA), focusing on fashion photography and art direction. The team’s approch is based upon concept rather than a singular style…


Pieter Hugo Photography

Those photographs of Pieter Hugo has been around the web for a little while now, but I thought we reviewed them before, but apparently not, so in case you never saw them, here is a small selection of those unbelievable photographs from Nollywood and The Hyena & Other Men serie, he shots in[…]