Taali M + Pierre-Christophe

      2. Mirage

At the intersection of Photoshop, Africa and electro-pop, the creative forces of music artist Taali M and art director Pierre-Christophe Gam have birthed a sound-visual kingdom.The layers stretch far deeper than the art files themselves, as both artists with unique stories bring forth much more than a band page on this 6-month project, released last week. After their meeting in early November last year, during Taali M’s performance in Paris, London-based visual designer Pierre-Christophe was asked to join the team for their music launch. A match made in heaven, putting art to the Taali M music maze (from Afro-beats and chanting to ska and electro-pop) was as adventurous as the music itself.

“I started to hang out with Taali M and her team, following her in studio, in rehearsal before shows etc. The point for me was to familiarize myself with her philosophy. I discovered an artist passionate about art, history and culture, and with a strong sense of responsibility in regards to the message in her lyrics. What pleased me even further was to discover how receptive and daring she was.” – Pierre-Christophe

French-native and travel-raised (Congo, Burkina-Faso), Taali M is no stranger to the social and political complexities of the African diaspora and her heritage rooted in rhythm and ritual. Together with active lyrics and unrivaled beats, the identity of Taali M finds a home in the virtual real estate of Pierre-Christophe’s creativity.

“I decided to create something unique and emotional, which will convey a sense of modernity, while reflecting on her African heritage. A place that will feel like home, where she will be able to share with her audience, her hopes, dreams and aspirations.” – Pierre-Christophe

Aligned with the richness and the rawness of Taali M’s music approach, Pierre-Christophe shares a similar outlook when asked about his thoughts on design and visual culture of today, “I think that things are moving back toward a kind of expression more emotional and spontaneous than before. I guess the public now understands that everything can be made to look perfect, with the right computer software in hand. The issue with this computer generated absolute perfection is that it lacks in emotion and authenticity. My belief is that we will see more and more artists and designers returning to a more spontaneous and craft based approach. Life is perfect in its imperfection and I believe design is slowly moving in order to reflect the same vulnerability.” (Gam also mentions having taken subtle inspiration from his childhood memories playing the original Mario Bros. Look closely.)

A warrior with eternal sound and wizard for visual aesthetic, these artists are well on their way to reaching a global audience. Check out Taali M’s debut track, Mirage, and follow her progress.

“I want people to enter this short story telling of mine, open the doors of the kingdom with surprise, be transported throughout the pages and then close the doors with a peace of mind.” – Taali M

More information at www.taali-m.com & www.pierre-christophe.com

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