Stunning Meaningful Work by Anouk Kruithof

Anouk Kruithof is an artist living and working between Mexico City, New York and Amsterdam. Her works are part of those which appears on the surface pretty but then the viewer become deeply involved after being informed of context. To denounce the stressful way of life required to succeed in New York, she has scheduled an interactive workshop where 25 people were invited to exert themselves during a sport session. In ‘Sweaty Sculptures’, the sweaty armpits transposed on plexiglass and polystyrene, wrapped with cellophane, depict the stress, evoking its positive and negative effects on the human mind.

Another cause dear to Anouk is the incredible amount of confiscated items by TSA, mainly weapons. Based on its Instagram feed and the ID cards of smugglers, ’Neutral’ displays sculptural bodies made of blurred images printed on different plastics draped over a metal framework. The dented shapes emphasize the emotional decrease equal to the imagery added to them.

Photography by Pim Top

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