Studio Koya: Nuue Project

Shota Aoyagi and Jungeun Lee both of Japanese descent, studied together in London and created Studio Koya. Their latest exhibition called “Nuue”, and originally called Wrapped Garment project, is named after a Korean word which means cocoon.It started by wrapping synthetic fiber around  desired form such as a wooden mannequin or a board. Through a heating process with pressure, wound fiber transforms itself into a 3-dimensional moulded garment bringing expected and unexpected sculptural silhouettes with flexible texture. The garment can be complete with only fibre and heat.

This technique reduces processes of making fabric from fibre, also from fabric to garment such as making/cutting pattern, and sewing. Therefore there is no leftover or wastage of material in this process. Jungeun has been experimenting and researching unconventional methods of creating garments. Rethinking the fundamental process of producing a garment  led her to the idea of the Nuue project.

“I have been experimenting and researching unconventional methods of creating garments. The technique I have developed can also can be applied to create products. Wrapping synthetic fiber around a desired form or chosen objects fascinates me. Through a heating process, wound fiber transformed itself into a 3-dimensional molded garment bringing expected and unexpected sculptural silhouettes.”

“I have a great interest in the shape of objects that we interact with, some of my work responds to the idea of human silhouette as object and object as human silhouette. My collection shows conceptual garments that have been created through this process. These garments display the potential of this idea and a journey that I will continue to develop.”

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