Stone Sculptures by Japanese Artist Jiyuseki


Japanese artist Jiyuseki handcrafted these incredible stone sculptures creating the illusion that the stone is soft and malleable. Why we are so intrigued by these sculptures is because you know ......

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  • marissa

    this work is amazing! its a real eye catcher. my mouth dropped more and more each picture i seen next.

  • Eddmn

    I love the ones with zippers. Adds so much to the illusion!

  • Jim Parsons

    WOW! This is my kind of stuff! Reminds me of some of the work from the late Bill Dennard from Houston.

  • noelbyepsilon

    love them … there are so many different shapes …….. using your fantasy , it can be a bird, a pitate, a eye, a bone, a heart, …… in our beaches , in Greece , I can find so many different stones in fantastic shapes ….I feel very lucky

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  • Avital

    Fantastic! great craftsmanship and interesting concept. I love it

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