State Of Emergency by Steven Meisel



  • Elyse

    I’m sorry, but I don’t see how violence against women is fashionable.

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  • Damien

    @ Elyse… so you have no problem with the above images of women directing violence and aggression against others? Amongst all the recently passed military-chic its great to see a few images where the viewer’s sympathy is directed towards the suppressed for a change.

  • Elyse

    I don’t think that ANY form of violence is glamorous. ;)

    The editorial is called “State of Emergency,” and although I know that the world in general has been living in extreme fear for the past several years, the images don’t elicit any sympathy…just disgusted that such a real issue would be ultra-glamourized in order to sell a product.

  • Belle

    Probably the thinks to be soooo creative. In reality it’s so disgusting. Violence, war & drugs should never be “fashion”. When I was an Art I discarded every photographic book that contained these.


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  • Ryan


  • ro

    so sick of hearing that Steven Meisel’s work is exploiting “real issues”. These issues are real and through his photography, he confronts people with this reality… that is art. Suck it up!

  • Tatiana

    you people are so stupid. The concept isn’t violence against women. On the contrary, I think Its about equality.
    It is shocking to see beautiful women being treated like criminals in these photos because we live in a superficial society- one that is lenient and favorable to the beautiful.. particularly woman.
    Have you ever bragged about someone you know or yourself getting out of trouble solely due to your femininity?
    The force used by law enforcement in the series is just a bit exaggerated for effect. Which is what makes it ART.

  • E

    @Tatiana – I’m always so happy when people preface their comments with “you people are so stupid.” It lets me know that what’s about to follow will be incredibly intelligent and insightful.

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  • Acid

    Came accross this on FFFFound today, very nicely lit shots – almost too clean though! A little more noise and they would be  more ‘believable’.  I’m no expert, just an observer in the real world.

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  • Macdonald Ali


  • TK Fourtwoone

    Is this promoting necrophilia

  • Yawn


  • OP POP

    —Still more ‘CULL—chore’ creation.

    Remember America —-even as you bend over
    —you’re standing for it.

  • lulz

    How did the police men not have boners during the cavity search

  • Mitch

    You guys are retarded! This is one of the best editorials of all time. Obviously none of you real Vogue Italia or other fahion magazines, ’cause otherwise you would see this as it is – a masterpiece.

    It’s not glamorising terrorisism, it’s showing fashion pieces in an artistic way. And Steven Miesel did a wonderful job.

  • Amine Loghmari

    I like

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  • Quantumphysica

    Awesome shoot… I love Steven Meisel’s creativity, his shoots are always both artistic and provocative.

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  • Cecilia Nogueira

    love it!

  • Lisbeth Williams

    I’d like to see something new, like NOT using women in degrading poses, to sell products. ViolentChic the new HeroinChic? Just asking

  • Emina Skrijelj Yener

    promoting violence against women using fashion is unacceptable !

  • Dolly Danger

    Am I meant to feel angry? If I am then it’s brillliantly pitched.

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  • Alexandra Bibby

    Creating and distributing images of violence against and exploitation of women in the name of fashion is in no form OK. Women’s faces smashed into the ground, implicit potential for sexual assault, groping, etc., are not and will never be sexy. Most of these pictures don’t even really display the clothing, and even with those that do, they are NOT what your eye is drawn to. Anyone who actually likes this ad or thinks it is brilliant has internalized and accepted the idea that female degradation is an acceptable and normal thing.

  • rick

    i agree

  • rick

    I like it. And it grabbed your attention esp. if you posted a comment below. whether you love it or hate I don’t see anything where it promotes violence or degrading women.. what i see is government taking away the rights of a citizen n the rights away from people. Failure to follow instructions will land us in prison like the model. Now if steven photographed the same concept with average shmucks would we pay much attention to it? i dont think so. it’d be just another political journalistic photograph.



    This is a fashion photoshoot, what the fuck do you expect?????

    It’s the rest of the media i.e. Hollywood films and in some cases news reports that need to start respecting women more.

    nice try though dumbass



    this photo shoot is not degrading females, you ignorant twat; it’s meant to showcase that the government is taking our rights away, bit by bit. if the photographers decided to use average joes for the image would anybody care? not really, no.

    Additionally, why the hell are you complaining about female degradation on a Fashion blog? Women are used – to put it shortly and bluntly – as living models, and that’s about it. It comes with the industry, and the models understand that it’s nothing personal and work for big name fashion designers showcasing their clothes.

    You must be new to the fashion industry.

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