Sruli Recht: When Gravity Fails Collection

Directly from Iceland, Sruli Recht just introduced his incredible new menswear collection ‘When Gravity Fails‘. The collection consists of a total look – from coats, jackets and cardigans, to trousers, shorts and leggings, complimented by shoes, boots, bags, gloves and silver jewelery – 55 styles, approximately 130 with material variations.

The studio worked very closely with Atlantic Leather, a tannery in the north of Iceland run by the native Icelanders, working with the raw skins to make new materials… basically designing new leathers. I spent a lot of time up there playing with’ better these skins, and designing their treatments and finishes. So that is where all the leathers in this collection come from — horse, hunted wild reindeer, birds, fish and lamb.

” Similarly we are using Icelandic wool and working with a local knit producer here to make our own knit constructions. All this means that about 98% of the collection is made from Icelandic materials, and material that we have in some way developed in our studio. The other 2% is the jersey we have to import because it isn’t made here. We have spent the last year taming these wild and fantastic natural Icelandic materials for an international market. ”

Photograph – Marinó Thorlacius
Model – Emil Þór Guðmundsson
Stylist – Arash Arfazades
Graphic Design – Jarred Eberhardt

More information at

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