The Aire Ancient Bath Experience

Tucked on a side street in New York’s TriBeCa, Aire Ancient Baths is an old-world oasis paying homage to the bathing rituals of the ancie…


Terzo piano

We already introduced you to Italian design studio Terzo Piano , they recently sent us all their latest work and we love them as much as …


You’re Invited to “The Eye-Ball”

“The Eye Ball” is the sequel to “Our Family Know Glasses”, and continues the true-ish story of the Voorthuis family, optically-obsessed o…


KLIO: The Height of Digital Décor

From smart phones to television, screens have bridged the gap between designers and users, products and consumers, and now, finally, betw…


The Neckerchief Micro-Trend

Nowadays, there is always some micro-trends popping up pretty much from nowhere. This neckerchief, silk scarf or neck bandana trend is a …


Panama, The Next Luxury Hotspot

Most people hear ‘Panama’ and immediately think of the famed canal by that name. But while the Panama Canal is certainly a si…


MOON is the Most Accurate Lunar Globe

Product designer Oscar Lhermitte with design studio Kudu are releasing the first topographically accurate lunar globe on kickstarter.


Insta Edit Serge Najjar

@SERIJOS FOLLOW Minimalistic Lebanese photographer Serge Najjar takes an abstract look at the concrete forms, architectural buildings, and t…


The Essence of Ballet by Ingrid Bugge

Ingrid Bugge, A Danish visual artist, takes you in with her rare shots of body and nature : “The human body, movement and the personal, s…


Focus on The Ford Mustang

As Ford Mustang has evolved over five decades and six generations, much has changed. Yet certain visual cues that tie the latest model ba…


Puiforcat Sommelier Collection

Collection by collection, luxury French Maison Puiforcat lays the groundwork for a new art of living – an Art of taste, de ned by the har…


Destination : Outer Space

Michael Najjar’s Outer Space work series deals with the latest developments in space flight and how they shape our future. 


Eat, Shop and Relax in Seoul

We just came back from a week spent in South Korea – between Seoul, the 2018 Winter Olympic host and Jeju Island, here’s a gu…