Sound Creatures by David Kamp

Composer and sound designer David Kamp recently came up with one heck of a fantastic idea, consequently producing equally fantastic results. Leaving behind the comforts of his studio and venturing off into the wild, the master of all things musical recorded a whole range of sounds and noises emitting from the undergrowth and unspoilt countryside. Kamp then took natures noises and asked a group of illustrators to imagine their own fictional characters to coincide with each sound.

And what do we get? A host of wondrously whimsical creatures guaranteed to capture the imagination of all ages. From the Trumpet Trap to the Master of Nuggets, you can both see and hear Kamp’s fantasy land on the Sound Creatures website.

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art David Kamp illustration Sound Creatures
Sarah Deane

London, UK. Raised in Nottingham, educated in Leeds and now working in London, Sarah has spent the last 4 years writing online copy for Urban Outfitters Europe. A keen writer and photographer, Sarah has since gone on to do work for WGSN in Paris as well as working as online contributor for Amelia's Magazine.

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