Song of the Day : [05/17]

Wave Machines : The Line

I was lucky to get my ears on Wave Machines’ upcoming debut album ‘Wave If You’re Really There.’ I was already excited on the strength of “I Go I Go I Go” and “Keep The Lights On.” Upon first listen, I’m  blown away. I haven’t heard such a solid and diverse debut record since ‘Santogold.’ The group mixes in upbeat electro-pop, traditional tender British ballads, and… well, maybe its not as diverse as  Santi’s record but it sounds bloody great. Great songwriting and production throughout – is that generic? Ugh. Just go listen to “The Line,” “The Greatest Escape We Ever Made,” the fore mentioned songs, and join the bandwagon. I’m sitting shotgun. You got bitch! haha.

Listen to “The Line” Here

      2. 09-the-line

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Wave Machines

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