Song of the Day : [04/10]

Marina & The Diamonds : Obsession


Marina & The Diamonds’ “Obsessions” sings out the can’t-decide/can’t commit nature in all of us. The first verse has her losing sleep over  her previous night’s lover – she’s callous, he’s “looking vulnerable  in my bed,” she’s “a little sweetheart,” and then the next minute he’s  an absolute creep.” You get the sense, though, that her lover is  lying peacefully/drunkenly asleep the whole time, and the only thing  that’s changing is the neurotic thought process in her head. The same  indecision and restlessness is transposed in the second verse to the mundane:
“Supermarket, what packet of crackers to pick? They’re all the same, one brand, one name, but really they’re not/Look, look, just choose something quick/People are staring, time to come quick in/Skin’s on fire; just choose something… something… SOMETHING!/Pressure overwhelming”

The song can serve as a cautionary tale to all of us to be happy with what we have, to make one educated decision and stick with it, and to  stop freaking out.

Listen to “Obsessions” Here

      1. 01-obessions

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