Sky Ferreira: Ghost




It seems like only yesterday Sky Ferreira was the pint size 15 year old from the internet looking to become the music world’s next superstar.  We have seen her go through several steps on her determined journey, relocating from Los Angeles to New York, announcing and delaying her debut album, all while building a loyal following via appearances on the pages of Dazed and Confused, Purple, and others.  Today, on the release of her second and most anticipated EP, Ghost, it seems as though she has finally arrived.  

A bonafide social media star, this girl’s been kind enough to stream Ghost via her tumblr for the last few days.  A mix of a little bit of everything, it seems as though the last three years of development at Capitol Records has given her chops to take on any angle of pop music.  Part signature electro dance pop, part introspective, it’s a sweet guilty pleasure meant for consuming, and we’ll do so gladly.  Ferreira has a great rich voice, and it is nice to see the likes of Jon Brion and Shirley Manson contribute to crafting the of-the-moment pop sensation on this extended play.  Although we can’t seem to get enough of Ferreira on her track “Everything Is Embarrassing” featuring Blood Orange, we’ll skip the accompanying video.

Photo Terry Richardson

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