Sigur Rós VIDEO: Ekki múkk

The life of a snail is metaphorical for human existence. Icelandic, ambient rock group, Sigur Rós creates a reality in which life at the micro-scale and macro-scale cross in their new video “Ekki múkk”–like a snail, the plain, discontent man wanders through field after identical field with no purpose until it finds another lost soul to bring meaning to his existence.

In this Nick Abraham video, the snail is saved by a man as much as the man is saved by the snail. Guided out of the fields and into the forest, the lost man is taught bravery by the wise insect. Confused? I’m sure. Sigur Rós sticks to their esoteric nature and continues teaching us with their strange and lovely video stories, and even stranger, yet beautiful alternative symphonies. They even call the project a “mystery film experiment.” Happy viewing!


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