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Daft Punk Makes Christmas Ornaments

It’s official, Christmas has finally begun as Daft Punk have unveiled Christmas baubles in the shape of their famous helmets. Trendland’s favorite french DJs just reveal the small christmas ornaments collection and…


Lovely Child Wooden Toys to Spark Their Imagination

Most of Trendland readers works in the creative fields, while a bunch of them have kids, toddlers or soon to be parents! With the amount of (stupid) kid toys on the market,…


Rankin goes into Fragrance with S&X

S&X is an exciting collaboration between iconic photographer Rankin and award winning fragrance designer, Azzi Glasser created under her own label, The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi.


‘i ro se’ Japanese Leather Products

i ro se is a Japanese brand established by two brothers from Tokyo. When they were children, they often had fun making toys with junk in and around their house. Now, as…


You’re Invited to “The Eye-Ball”

“The Eye Ball” is the sequel to “Our Family Know Glasses”, and continues the true-ish story of the Voorthuis family, optically-obsessed owners of Georgetown Optician. Like the original film “The Eye Ball” was conceived and created by Design Army, who in a bid to outdo “Our Family Know Glasses” hatched a wild tale involving a short sighted optical instruments heiress, villainous butler, purloined heirlooms, and a cast of 50 hunting hounds.


We Smell The Rain Botanical Products

We Smell The Rain is an Amsterdam-based studio that invents new ways of bringing nature indoors. From collections of Kokodema’s – Japanese ‘moss balls’ and air plants, to workshops and commissioned floral…