Organic Beauty

O rganic beauty is of the moment. But apart from being trendy, it has real inherent value. People are becoming ever more consumed with ho…


The Personal Workspace

T he Personal Workspace  customizes and carefully curates an otherwise dull office desk.


Du Zen! Multifunctional Leather

With a perfect balance of playful, bold, and practical, the Du Zen! design philosophy is epitomized by smart silhouettes and pops of colo…


Modern African Dwellings

W With a focus on primary colors juxtaposed with deep, rich and even light brown tones, wooden furniture and abstract artwork, African in…


“It” by Alexa Chung

Filled with quirky little tidbits from her personal life, Alexa Chung’s much-anticipated book “It” is everything one would ex…


Paris Mapped in Style by Jenni Sparks

Renowned for her beautifully fun maps, illustrator Jenni Sparks has done it once again by collaborating with to create an in…

adler-doonan-vacation home 07

That 70’s Feeling

T he parallels of the 1970s and today exist well beyond the daily confounds of recession, corruption and well accepted unemployment, perm…


The Glacier Project by PCM Design

Candles that looks like little glaciers! Yes, please! Designed by Brynjar Sigurðarson for PCM Design, The Glacier Project is an ecologica…