Henzel Studio: Collaborations/Heritage Rug Auction

Starting tomorrow until January 23rd, this Henzel Studio: Collaborations/Heritage auction on Paddle8 will present limited edition artist-designed rugs will benefit GoodWeave, an international nonprofit organization that


Nordic Knots Brings Stockholm Colors to your Home

Rooted on Scandinavian design traditions in which functional design meets simplistic beauty, nordic knots focus on high quality hand woven rugs that can set the foundation for any room.


//SKID: A Unique Wooden Chef Knife

When an idea becomes reality, the Germans interdisciplinary group of engineers, designers, computer scientists and blacksmiths, form together a team with an extended set of skills and expertise. After 2 years of…


Half, The Chair That Visually Complement Each Other

Legs and seats visually complement each other in this chair inspired in Japanese aesthetics and in the Gestalt psychology. Half is the new product designed by Cuatro Cuatros for Missana.


A Design Lamp Capturing a Whole Era of TV History

Hungarian designer Simon Forgacs introduce via IndieGogo Mono Lamp: a design lamp inspired by the famous TV test card, capturing a whole era of media history. Great idea!


Daft Punk Makes Christmas Ornaments

It’s official, Christmas has finally begun as Daft Punk have unveiled Christmas baubles in the shape of their famous helmets. Trendland’s favorite french DJs just reveal the small christmas ornaments collection and…


Lovely Child Wooden Toys to Spark Their Imagination

Most of Trendland readers works in the creative fields, while a bunch of them have kids, toddlers or soon to be parents! With the amount of (stupid) kid toys on the market,…


Rankin goes into Fragrance with S&X

S&X is an exciting collaboration between iconic photographer Rankin and award winning fragrance designer, Azzi Glasser created under her own label, The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi.


‘i ro se’ Japanese Leather Products

i ro se is a Japanese brand established by two brothers from Tokyo. When they were children, they often had fun making toys with junk in and around their house. Now, as…


You’re Invited to “The Eye-Ball”

“The Eye Ball” is the sequel to “Our Family Know Glasses”, and continues the true-ish story of the Voorthuis family, optically-obsessed owners of Georgetown Optician. Like the original film “The Eye Ball” was conceived and created by Design Army, who in a bid to outdo “Our Family Know Glasses” hatched a wild tale involving a short sighted optical instruments heiress, villainous butler, purloined heirlooms, and a cast of 50 hunting hounds.


We Smell The Rain Botanical Products

We Smell The Rain is an Amsterdam-based studio that invents new ways of bringing nature indoors. From collections of Kokodema’s – Japanese ‘moss balls’ and air plants, to workshops and commissioned floral…


15.0% Ice Cream Spoon by Architect Naoki Terada

Designed by architect Naoki Terada, the 15.0% Ice Cream Spoon uses your body heat to slice through frozen ice cream. Made of solid aluminum with thermal conductivity of 237 W/mK, these spoons…


OMBA Creates Urban Beach Parasols

Urban beach parasols by OMBA marry beautiful design with practicality. Hand-painted patterns of the parasols are inspired by the colors of the Mediterranean sea, packed into plain carry-bags made of organic fabrics.


Scent – A Subscription Service For Home Fragrances

Born from a love of home fragrance, Scent is a new subscription service dedicated to championing the next generation of perfumers and fragrance studios — those producing design-led candles with innovative and…


Feit’s Latest Skin

The FEIT classics including the Hand Sewn Slipper and Low get an updated look


Feminist Pin Art By Coucou Suzette

Coucou Suzette is a Parisian brand using ‘Girl Power’ as a motto. After a trip to remote Japan, brand’s founder, Juliette, tried to find a way of expressing her love for graphic…


Zuza Mengham Sculpt Scents at The Conran Shop

As part of its ongoing exploration of scent’s relationship with other senses, London-based fragrance maker Laboratory Perfumes has been working with artist Zuza Mengham to consider ways of translating intangible fragrances into…


David Scheid Custom Stained Glass

Los Angeles based David Scheid has some very nice handmade stained glass. He has a great collection of one of kind triangles, but he also do custom work for private residence.


Ice Cream That Doesn’t Melt!

Are you sick and tired of the sun melting your Ice Cream? These are handmade from concrete and have a wooden paddle pop stick and cost only $14! 

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Wooden & Woven

British menswear designer Alex Devol has worked with Vans, Converse, Nike amongst other indie brands over the last decade, but he found his calling when he started focusing on his woodwork and…


Moroccan Rugs That Will Liven Up Any Space

We came across these amazing rugs from our friends at Honestly WTF. The rugs, from Semikah Textiles, weave together bright colors and intricate patterns which work well together to brighten up any…


Curious Feast: 100 Postcards by 10 Artists

Tomorrow, April 5th, This delightful ‘Curious Feast’ box features one hundred postcards from ten celebrated artists exploring the subject of food will be released. These extraordinary cards in our popular box format…


Malle London Launch New Collection of ‘Clever’ Backpacks

Trendland friends, Malle London just released The Smoke Collection Vol.II. This is their second collection, dedicated to creating superior British bags and accessories, from their studio in London (yes, made in London!). Built…