Shawn Huckins: Paint Chip Series

Painter Shawn Huckins evokes the visual style of 1950’s and 60’s USA in this series. Gas stations, swimming pools, neon street signs, cars, everyday commercial products, driveways and bars appear in his earlier work. His series Paint Chips again examines the consumer culture of America and at the same time features the implication of color in everyday life by mimicking the paint sample cards found in every home supply store.  Mainly working with acrylic and enamel, his brushstrokes suggest the influence of photorealism and comic books. Truly an original combination of the contemporary and the old. 

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Marta Baniukiewcz

born and raised in Poland. Freelancing as photographer, blogger, art curator/scout and music passionate; tries to stay ahead of the trends by scoping out the work produced by the best creative minds of today.