Seppl: A Porcelain Espresso Machine


German product design student Arvid Häusser invented this beautiful Espresso machine using the qualities of porcelain such as high thermal storage, neutrality in taste and an antiseptic surface. By attaching the machine on the wall it’s keeping the work space free and Please register to view this post.


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  • Mark

    I absolutely love and adore the design and concept. It reminds me of Faema’s wall mounted “for trains” lever machine of the 1950s (image posted) At least in idea and such – of course the two look radically different. The only disappointment is that the designer appears to have used a base-model Saeco espresso machine to build this (based on the portafilter design). Something this beautiful should really have the guts of a high end espresso machine inside of it.

  • Daphinie Cramsie

    I adore this. First thing I’ll get after purchasing my home!