Seductive Design: Concept Speedboat by Jaguar Cars

Jaguar has unofficially joined the boat business, unveiling their new Concept Speedboat at the recent driving debut of the new Jaguar XF Sportbrake.  Partnering with Ivan Erdevicki Naval Architeture & Yacht Design and Seventy Seven Design to develop the concept boat to the tune of the Jaguar design DNA: sleek, fast, powerful, and spectacular.  The 2+ passenger boat boasts a gel coat fiberglass hull, a polished aluminum propeller, a split carbon fibre fin, and is finished on top with natural teak decking.  This new concept boat ushers in a new and renewed lifestyle component to the Jaguar brand and reputation, realizing their aspirations as more than a luxury automaker.  For all those of you coveting this marvelous watercraft, the Concept Speedboat is for looking only; the automaker has no plans to commercialize this project (yet).  

LOA [length over all] 6.1m / 20’

LWL [length water line] 5.3m / 17’, 5”
Passengers 2+1

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