School of Seven Bells: Windstorm


Named after a fabled South American institution with a mission of teaching the ins and outs of pick-pocketing, the group is just as mythical. “Windstorm” is a perfect example of Seven Bells’ ability to create an imaginary world supported by music befitting a dream-like setting, which may explain belonging to the “dream pop” genre.

The Deheza sisters sing in beautiful harmony and unison, indicating the special connection only twins can share. Amazingly, a similarly unique chemistry exists between the entire trio, allowing for a whole new melodic priority than heard in the girls’ previous ventures before Curtis came along. Their 2nd album, Disconnect from Desire has been receiving much praise since its July release and shows a noteworthy step into pop music following their debut album, Alpinisms. A round of applause for Seven Bells’ successfully cautious straddle of the fine line between pop and indie sounds.

Listen to “Windstorm” Here


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