Schier Shoes Photographed by Jason Eric Hardwick

herbert schier vellies shoes-by Jason Eric Hardwick-12

Lately we have been dreaming of an exotic African getaway. And then, like magic, the latest lookbook from Namibian heritage brand Herbert Schier’s appeared in our inbox, and now we’re stirring even more. Shot by Jason Eric Hardwick, he takes us into the Namibian desert for a look at ......

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  • swakopmund

    whilst nicely styled etc – i do not agree with the one photo of three women, flowers etc on the sanddunes – for many reasons – but i have a sneaker/vellies suspicion that they are not the himba they are intended to represent – where is the posture and leanness so typical of this remote tribe??? why not settle for a prim german frau – with a belted midriff having coffee at cafe anton?