Rudy’s New Outpost

Just in time for holidays, Rudy’s Barbershop opens up their second East Coast location. After landing at ACE Hotel early this summer, the Seattle-based chain found the space that suits them perfectly, a historic building in Williamsburg which was once a federal bank from the 19th century, and a few years ago, home to APC.

They teamed up with WRK Design to take further the idea of restoring a barber shop to its original condition complete, in core with everything that they do, starting and ending with a sense of community.

Through the end of January Rudy’s outpost will be hosting a spate of men’s retail, Stumptown coffee and off course, stylish haircuts for men and women, which they do for nearly 20 years.

Even though Williamsburg is is crawling with retro barbershops and coffee shops, Rudy’s offers something different concentrating three things at once.  Offering a haircut at a great price remains the basis of Rudy’s mission since it started in 1993 when Alex Calderwood, Wade Weigel, and David Petersen started the project, expanding upon the traditional notion of a barbershop. Today they maintain 14 locations in Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles, and now 2 in New York.

Rudy’s Barbershop
33, Grand Street, Williamsburg
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Thanks to Cool Hunting for the tip!

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