Rihanna by Craig McDean for W Magazine


A gorgeous spread of Rihanna photographed by Craig McDean for the February W Magazine issue. Rihanna i......

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  • hfjls

    riihanna is everything you say but a good artist. her songs are no better or worse than lady gagas or any of the million pop/r&b hits that follow the same soulless, overproduced formulas.

  • http://www.themobilediary.com Cyril Style

    aight! I understand your point of view, I guess you are not fan of r&b then

  • http://accordingtojay.com Jay Nima

    I don’t know about the good music part, but she’s definitely solidifying herself as a style icon. This spread is amazing! …and anytone in the music industry will concure on the music par;, she can’t can’t exactly sing (and she’s not considered r&b btw), but regardless of her lack of singing chops, she’s a great entertainer and she’s in engaging. For lack of a better word she’s fierce.

  • jehuty

    A fashion icon, yes. A real artist ………lol. take away autotune and she will sound like my aunty trying to make it in the music industry, whom i guarantee you have never heard of. Because she didn’t make it.

  • Georginaericsen

    such terrible journalism by comparing two contemporaries like a Perez Hilton wannabe. next time focus on the featured artist or rather do a separate article to quench your distaste for the likes of Lady Gaga.

  • http://trendland.net/ TRENDLAND

    Ah Perez Hilton Wannabe ? I guess it’s the first time you read Trendland ! First Im not a journalist, and second I don’t have any advice to take from you, and if you’re not happy go read Perez Hilton!