Richard Woods: Logos of Reality

Artist Richard Woods has a D.I.Y sensibility, in fact his new show at Alan Cristea Gallery in London is called just that. D.I.Y. We have had a mini love affair with Woods since creating pieces for Paul Smith’s space in Tokyo.  Looking back at the sheer volume and diversity of his work the essence of it always goes back to the hands. From the furniture to the printing to the construction to the finishing, it is all intensely laborious, and enormously glorious. There is no surface Woods will not explore, albeit a floor, a building, home, rug….the list is endless, as long as there is a surface, there is possibility. His “logos of reality” are his motifs, all found in everyday life, all very common. Bricks, wood, radiators and man hole covers created using stenciled traditional woodblock techniques which are then applied to walls as a second skin. They come to have a second life in a completely unexpected way when plastered on these various surfaces, the playful use of color and pattern create a cheeky yet aesthetically pleasing space/object. Woods resume includes designing the sensational interior for Comme des Garcons flagship store in Osaka, a mock Tudor private residence in upstate New York, and with Jeffrey Deitch, revamped Cary Grants former home, now Deitchs’ residence. There are no limits for Woods……. literally.  His vision is so inclusive and creative that there will always be a surface to transform, the possibilities are infinite.

Woods and Lund Humphries at London Art Fair about his new book “The Art and Craft of Richard Wood” : WATCH HERE

Woods show at Alan Christea Gallery: WATCH HERE

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