Ricardo Bofill Converted Cement Factory



  • http://trendland.net Ani Tzenkova

    why isnt this in TrendHome?

  • http://trendland.net Ani Tzenkova

    why isnt this in TrendHome?

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  • kumakuma

    This was on an episode of MTV cribs, featuring Paulina Rubio, a Spanish pop star who is apparently Bofill’s niece/daughter/something. You can see more of the house in that episode, if you can get around the quick camera cuts typical of the show.

  • Hanna Zin

    where is this?

  • http://trendland.com Cyril Foiret

    in Barcelona

  • Sortof

    piranesi lives! :)
    all architects at some point in their education get fed a portion of piranesi. despite the seductiveness of p’s illustrations, architecture students are supposed to digest the principles and disregard the imagery. i don’t think many architects dream they might come across a design opportunity in which tey can put piranesi in to practice in such a literal and yet respectable way.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/douglas.rivera.37 Douglas Rivera

    That is awesome would like to visit and or work for the company on a creative design level/general on site personell if given the oppurtunity.