Rainbow Dreams by Ann Mikitiuk

This photo series by Polish photographer Ann Mikitiuk is perfect modern/ old school mix, heavy 80’s with the track suits and Madonaesque tulle skirts, a bit 70’s Ziggy, very primary color heavy and just all around fun. I love the styling, Anna double duties on this one photographing AND styling; vintage Adidas and small independent designers : Fanfaronada and New Look.   Photographer and stylist Ann Mikitiukmakeup artist,  Anna Maria Dziemidzik and hair stylist Radek Smarz did an amazing job on this one. 


More at http://mikitiuk.digartfolio.pl/

Michele Llanos

free spirit gypsy with a background as fashion director, editor, stylist, jewelry designer, and showroom owner ; major travel junkie with a future trip to the cosmos on the bucket list. i'll probably be wearing Rick Owens