Rad by Rad Hourani Collection #07

Rad by Rad Hourani’s newest collection is yet another example of how timeless, unisex and black are the reigning staples in the modern person’s wardrobe. Modesty is played with high collars, latent opulence, stoic silhouettes, and a gray scale scheme. Monastic, and shrewd are attributes this designer makes a pretty penny from honing.

For more information, visit www.radhourani.com

designers FASHION RAD by Rad Hourani rad hourani ready to wear Unisex
Robyn Germanese

Year Born: 1981
Location: Toronto // How many hours a day are you on the web? 4-8
Last cool project you worked on: Art of Fashion 2012 (Toronto, for Nuit Blanche)
Coolest person you know personally: My mother (she works sometimes 9 jobs at a time, makes Broadway divas look like shrinking violets, and has the best vocabulary.
Best place to eat in your neighborhood: Yukaii (Japanese fusion- they have been closed for a long time due to fire from fire bombings that are frequent in my neighborhood)
Top 3 Places: Oaxaca, Tofino, my bed
Next destination: Italy, Scotland, Australia
Generation favorite: for fashion, art and music it changes all the time, but if I had to choose one it would be 1940s.

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