Psy’s Gangnam Style Breaks World Record


By now, you probably fall into one of the 275 million viewers (a new world record) who has seen Psy’s comeback viral video hit, “Gangnam Style“.  Named after Seoul’s trendiest district, the addictive lyrics and beats of this catchy K-Pop treat is outdone only by the outrageous and over the top video, and the awesomely cheesy dance (recently taught to Britney Spears by Psy on The Ellen Degeneres Show).  We congratulate the Korean star on his new record deal with Justin Bieber’s manger, Scooter Braun‘ label.  The video features a very distinct palette yet no art director is credited, which begs us to question, is K-Pop the most aesthetically advanced genre of pop music on the planet?  The sounds and sights, especially in “Gangnam Style” definitely have a way of firing up the brain neurons in the most addictive way.  Has the genre evolved the taste level of directors and performers so these creators are naturally more inclined to speak to us in an all together more artistically directed way?  Look for our answer later this month as we will be highlighting our favorite K-Pop videos…

Also watch the making of for some more laughs!

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  • kyle mosher

    F-Yes. Hope he can half as close with whatever follows this up.

  • Bela Lugosi

    The most annoying song EVEEEEEEER!

  • danpat

    100% agree with that

  • rnj9673

    annoying but spectacular popular….indeed

25 Sep 2012 @ 1:32 pm
Psy’s Gangnam Style Breaks World Record
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