Pretty Lights : More Important Than Michael Jordan

Electronica saw a lot of expansion in the last half of the naughty ought’s. While greats like Tiesto and Oakenfold reined the heavens of yore while playing out Vegas residencies, the genres that brought you John Coltrane and Daft Punk spawned a generation of live electronica that marries the inspiration of ethereal synths with the draw of a good band. Don’t believe me? Get to know STS9 and EOTO. In the meantime, meet Pretty Lights…

Glitch hop-opotamus and producer extraordinaire, Derek Vincent Smith, partners with drummer Cory Eberhard to make up this electroesque duo. Hard hitting to mellow, Pretty Lights builds a polyphonic bomb out of hip-hop, dubstep, synthesizers, Etta James, glitch, electro, funk and The Notorious B.I.G. They danced on the periphery for most of 2009, slowly gaining fans the old fashion way – playing their music and giving all of their music away on the website.  The duo enjoys a near cult status.  Watch out for him in 2010.  Those that know, know.  It’s a new decade and this is one act destined for greatness. In three rapturous hours, Pretty Lights takes you to another universe.  Then it’s over.

By the time you walk out of the show, it’s too late.  You are changed. Forever.

Don’t take my word for it.  Listen to this track.  It’s fire.

      1. 2-04 MoreImportantThanMichealJordan

P.S.  If you’re in New York on June 4th, he’s headlining a show also featuring RJD2 at Terminal 5.

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