Portrait of Hailee Steinfeld

portrait of a hailee 4

Miu Miu muse Hailee Steinfeld may be only 14 years old, but there’s no doubt she’s as ladylike as it gets. The first campaign starring the actress, which debuted last Fall 2011, had her sitting upright in a pastel chair like a lady-in-waiting, elegantly desc......

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  • http://twitter.com/unnecessaryEv1l (‘_( o..o )_/’)

    Ephebophilia promotion is NOT cool or trendy. Disgusting.

  • Katie

    social engineering..trying to make this acceptable little by little til it’s the norm. not cool at all.

  • Jamesjab

    this is disgusting and disturbing

  • Niki

    nice, now we have to look 14

  • Juliette

    The photographs are beautiful but the film is so manufactured and unnatural. Hailee doesn’t have any hint of the maturity or sensuality implied by the stylist (thankfully since she is only 14). Bruce Weber attempts Louis Malle’s Pretty Baby and fails miserably. Hailee looks lost under the weight of the concept. Overall a pretty unnecessary, confused and badly conceptualised campaign.