Pop Magazine by Takashi Murakami & Britney Spears


We love Pop Magazine and we love Takashi Murakami, but Britney Spears!? wtf, I guess Dasha just got back from Tokyo and fe......

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  • http://www.uustuus.ee Helene

    the cover is rgeat and insane, but hey, it’s Murakami not Murakimi…

  • http://trendland.net/ Cyril Style

    aha thanks, was a little typo! but hey, its ‘great’ not ‘rgeat’…

  • carolina rodriguez de jesus

    estan padrisimas la fotografias awesome it´s great see pictures
    of britney like a lolita she´s so pretty ilove her style good 4her
    and god bless murakami

  • http://www.mangatherapy.com Manga Therapy

    First Kirsten Dunst, now Britney. It would be interesting to see more female celebrities work with Murakami in the future.

    I actually compiled a list on who Murakami should work with next. You can read it at:

    It would be amazing to see Lady Gaga work with Murakami to create something outrageous.