A Different World for WAD Magazine

WAD Magazine teamed up with set designer Robert Storey and still life photographer Sam Hofman to produce this ‘explorer’ inspired editorial.

Sarah Anne Ward

Sarah Anne Ward’s Dessert Artwork Series

Following the recent trend of edible art, New York-based photographer Sarah Anne Ward displays her take on iconic modern artworks using common kid-friendly dessert items.


“Consumable” Series by Jamie Chung

New York based photographer Jamie Chung’s “Consumable” series transforms food into aesthetically pleasing photographs that lures you in and surprises you with quirky subjects, like a frozen block of pea or lobster…


Living the Still Life with Denis Koval

Denis Koval’s still life photography includes a wide array of props relating to food, fashion, beauty, and technology that involves clever arrangements.


Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin x Put Put: Cleaning Tips

Some life-changing advice from Japanese cleaning expert Kondo Marie (via Munich’s Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin): “take any object that one has in his hand, pay attention to the reactions of the body and…


Eva Roovers Photography

Amsterdam-based Eva Roovers‘ still life photography makes everyday objects come to life.

Supermarket Simulacrum II X Corey Bartle-Sanderson1

Supermarket Simulacrum II X Corey Bartle-Sanderson

I spy with my little eye…a pear, an apple, and a pomegranate. Can you see it? Camouflaged and marbleized are these playful fruits created by artist Corey Bartle-Sanderson. His motive is to have…


20th Century Plate

Art director Jamie Brown and photographer Luke Kirwan have teamed up for the first edition of food and culture journal “The Gourmand”.


Andrew B. Myers’ Roommates

Our fascination with Canadian photographer Andrew B. Myers continues with his latest work titled Roommates.


Metz+Racine Photography

The photographic duo of Metz+Racine, aka Barbara Metz and Eve Racine bring to life the contemporary version of every child’s fantasy: the secret life of inanimate objects.


Camilla Catrambone: Portraits Of My Family

Some people scrapbook, some people create encyclopedic volumes, but Camilla Catrambone offers a more effusive way of documenting her family, through this series of still life photographs.


Kenji Toma’s Still Life Photography

After establishing his photography career in his native Tokyo, Japan; Kenji Toma arrived in New York in 1990 where he started up his own personal studio. Since then, he has been recognized…


Modern Dutch by Paola Andrea & Naomi McColloch

It all began over a year ago, when set designer Paola Andrea and her good friend, photographer Naomi McColloch, were discussing their enthusiasms for the new twists and turns found in today’s…


Bea De Giacomo for Alla Carta #2

Fresh from the pages of Alla Carta Issue 2, Bea De Giacomo playfully shot some really interesting food combinations in this still life series. 


Ricettario: A Balanced Diet

Take a good look at the contents of your favorite meals, all part of a balanced diet. 


Linnea Apelqvist Set Designer

Linnea Apelqvist, born in Sweden, is a brilliant prop stylist and set designer living and working in London.

beth galton cut food 8

Beth Galton’s Cut Food Series

Cut food doesn’t come off as the most interesting concept, falling somewhat in the “even my kids can do that” area of art. But Beth Galton‘s Cut Food series makes you eat those words,…


Leandro Farina Photography

Canadian-born, London-based photographer Leandro Farina’s still life shots are so meticulous they seem to stop time.


Annette Masterman Set Design

Still life styling and set designer Annette Masterman is truly a master at capturing the seductive power objects have on our minds.


Philip Karlberg For Plaza Magazine

Philip Karlberg, whose stylish and immaculate photography has charmed us in past with work like Pin Art Portraits, got a little fruity for his latest work. 


Lenancker Romain Set Design

Set designer and art director Lenancker Romain knows how to capture our attention.


Raw Color for Ontour S/S 2013: Gardeners United

Dutch color experts Raw Color collaborated with Ontour for their S/S 2013 lookbook, having executed the creative direction, graphic design, and photography.

The Foodist Manifesto Series – 1

The Foodist Manifesto

With mathematics precision, everyone enjoys a good food photography series, but when the case is about surreal food photography like The Foodist Manifesto, the result is sky-rocketed. Martí Guixé, Alexis Georgacopoulos, Peter…