Aliki Kirmitsi 07

Set Designer : Aliki Kirmitsi

It’s not exactly a secret, at Trendland, we adore prop stylists and set designers alike. Here’s a closer look at Aliki Kirmit…


Prop Stylist : Susanna Vento

Helsinki native and interior/prop stylist Susanna Vento glorifies what you’d call the quintessential Scandinavian look.


A Different World for WAD Magazine

WAD Magazine teamed up with set designer Robert Storey and still life photographer Sam Hofman to produce this ‘explorer’ insp…


“Consumable” Series by Jamie Chung

New York based photographer Jamie Chung’s “Consumable” series transforms food into aesthetically pleasing photographs that lu…


Living the Still Life with Denis Koval

Denis Koval’s still life photography includes a wide array of props relating to food, fashion, beauty, and technology that involves cleve…


Eva Roovers Photography

Amsterdam-based Eva Roovers‘ still life photography makes everyday objects come to life.


20th Century Plate

Art director Jamie Brown and photographer Luke Kirwan have teamed up for the first edition of food and culture journal “The Gourmand”.


Andrew B. Myers’ Roommates

Our fascination with Canadian photographer Andrew B. Myers continues with his latest work titled Roommates.


Metz+Racine Photography

The photographic duo of Metz+Racine, aka Barbara Metz and Eve Racine bring to life the contemporary version of every child’s fantas…


Kenji Toma’s Still Life Photography

After establishing his photography career in his native Tokyo, Japan; Kenji Toma arrived in New York in 1990 where he started up his own …


Bea De Giacomo for Alla Carta #2

Fresh from the pages of Alla Carta Issue 2, Bea De Giacomo playfully shot some really interesting food combinations in this still life se…


Linnea Apelqvist Set Designer

Linnea Apelqvist, born in Sweden, is a brilliant prop stylist and set designer living and working in London.

beth galton cut food 8

Beth Galton’s Cut Food Series

Cut food doesn’t come off as the most interesting concept, falling somewhat in the “even my kids can do that” area of a…