Brooke Holm’s Still Life Editorial

Brooke Holm is an Australian-based photographer whose work traverses dramatic landscapes, conceptual still life, considered interiors and…


Paint Job by FakedCandid

“Paint Job” is a series of fashion-fused still-life images that illustrate the cynical side of a painter’s job. The story was created by …


Carnivore: Still Life

Dutch Still Life photographer Arjan Benning is known for pushing the boundaries of conventionality.


The Personal Workspace

T he Personal Workspace  customizes and carefully curates an otherwise dull office desk.


Broste Campaign Photograhy

Stylist Nathalie Schwer and photographer Line Klein put together this beautifully experimental shoot for Broste’s 20014 collection.…


Exploring Italian Conviviality

Italian photographer Beppe Brancato is known for his welcoming attitude towards imperfections and their underlying meanings.