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Ryan Hopkinson’s Shot Real ‘Stroke’

Featuring on Its Nice That, ‘Stroke’ is one of British photographer Ryan Hopkinson latest self-initiated projects with set designer Andrew Stellitano.


The 7 Chakras : A Balancing Act

A Balancing Act is a vibrant and colorful photography project inspired by the seven chakras, the centers of our bodies through which energy flows freely. The set, designed by Gemma Thérèse Pearce…


Martina Lang’s Paper/Plant Series

Martina Lang’s recent photography series Paper/Plant playfully captures little plants on a colorful, graphic hide and seek adventure.


The Luxury of Taste

New York based photographer Jonathon Kambouris collaborated with prop stylist Jenny Wichman and food stylist Matt Vohr to create a women’s accessories story influenced by American painter, Wayne Thiebaud.


Architecture of Wasted Fantasy – The Poetry of Packaging

German photographer Tom Seelbach is introducing us to his lastest project, ‘Architecture of Wasted Fantasy – The Poetry of Packaging’. The Magically gleaming towers, respectable skyscrapers, clear construction bodies: with the first…


Maxime Poiblanc Fashion Robots

New York City based photographer Maxime Poiblanc has worked with luxury names such as Dior, Gucci, Nars, Fendi, Bally and Jimmy Choo. Poiblanc, a Paris native, worked for many years as an…


Scandinavian Tabletop Simplicity

Photographer Emma Engkvist and props stylist Clare Piper shot this series of images which feature an edited collection of ceramics by smaller London makers based at Turning Earth and tabletop products by…