The Flatness
The title of this series of photographs, by Erin O’Keefe, refers to both the material flatness of the photograph itself, as well as the perceptual flattening of the still life space. The images in this series explore the tendency of the camera to flatten pictorial space


Van Vincent’s Surreal Stills
  Van Vincent’s photography is as minimal, surreal, and  well executed as it gets.  Vincent’s images are the opposite of “chatty”; there is nothing redundant in them and, by no means can they regarded as boring.


Oki-Ni x It’s Nice That Vol. 4: Zena May Hendrick
The innovative store and gallery space Oki-Ni has teamed-up with set designer Zena May Hendrick for the 4th edition of its on-going project series Styled. With this shoot, Hendrick who has a rich and interesting background in set design and interactive arts,  and Oki-Ni  aimed to juxtapose the value of


Qiu Yang Photography
Written by Anjali Soneji    Yangs applied work is exceptionally stylized with the perfect balance of  fashion and art. The sharpness and precision throughout his approach create graphic and dramatic visuals that can easily be associated with his name. His talent lies truly in heroing the subject and making it even more important.


Bicycle San Francisco
Dwight Eschliman got hooked when he picked up his first Bianchi catalogue from a local bike shop in the early eighties in San Francisco’s SOMA district. Fascinated by bicycles and the way each bicycle reveals its owner’s personality, he began an anthropologic collection as a photographic series.