Disappearance – Delphine Burtin

For this series of photographs, Delphine Burtin collected, over a period of one week, and archived, day by day, everything she would norm…

Kamil Kotarba – Hide and Seek -2

Kamil Kotarba’s Digital Isolation

Photographer Kamil Kotarba portrayed the battle between real life and digital reality in his series “Hide and Seek”.


Future Food: What Are We Really Eating?

The series “Future Food” by William Godwin and Eric Gilkey first appeared on the April issue of Human Being Journal, a bi-annual print ma…

Anna Lomax_Twin_magazine_editorial-1

Anna Lomax’s Uninhibited Imagination

Anna Lomax is a maker and collector, working within the field of creative direction and set design from bold still life photography to ob…


Jim Golden Collection Series

An award-winning photographer specializing in still life and products, Jim Golden brings an artist’s eye and an enthusiast’s …


Modified Fruits

We all have our own issues and opinions when it comes down to genetically modified foods. While some like to keep foods as they are, othe…


Geological Specimens for Cos Magazine

Since its launch in 2007 COS has produced a magazine each season as away to communicate with customers and provide them with a deeper ins…


Salads by Florent Tanet

Florent Tanet shared his latest food series shot for the French Magazine : M le Magazine du Monde with us.