Disappearance – Delphine Burtin

For this series of photographs, Delphine Burtin collected, over a period of one week, and archived, day by day, everything she would norm…

Kamil Kotarba – Hide and Seek -2

Kamil Kotarba’s Digital Isolation

Photographer Kamil Kotarba portrayed the battle between real life and digital reality in his series “Hide and Seek”.


Future Food: What Are We Really Eating?

The series “Future Food” by William Godwin and Eric Gilkey first appeared on the April issue of Human Being Journal, a bi-annual print ma…

Anna Lomax_Twin_magazine_editorial-1

Anna Lomax’s Uninhibited Imagination

Anna Lomax is a maker and collector, working within the field of creative direction and set design from bold still life photography to ob…


Jim Golden Collection Series

An award-winning photographer specializing in still life and products, Jim Golden brings an artist’s eye and an enthusiast’s …


Modified Fruits

We all have our own issues and opinions when it comes down to genetically modified foods. While some like to keep foods as they are, othe…