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Owen Silverwood Shoots Flowers Like No One Else

Owen Silverwood is an established photographer and director working within the field of still life. His aesthetic is considered and striking, combining the technical and graphic.


A Material Menu: Designs for the Culinary Aesthetic

Caesarstone‘s first conceptual cookbook with recipes by food design studio Arabeschi di Latte and inspired by the elemental concept Caesarstone presented with Tom Dixon during Milan Design Week.


Introduction of Natasha Felker’s Prop Styling

Seattle based multidisciplinary artist Natasha Felker draws on sociology and human perception to create her pictures, always running by a subtle feminine elegance.


Styling Works by Natalie Turnbull

The 25 years old Australian born stylist and art director, Natalie Turnbull has a very strong eye for pairing things together. Whether it’s material, color or shape, she implements her knowledge in…


Colin Czerwinski Pays Tribute To Vinyl Records

Visual artist from California, Colin Czerwinski pays tribute to music with a sentimental series called ‘The Beauty of Vinyl’. With a fine art approach, Czerwinski revives his childhood memories after digging into…


When Weird Fruits Become Art with Joss Mckinley Still Lifes

I just stumbled over these gorgeous still life images shot by British photographer Joss McKinley. Looking more like a nature morte painting than a jewelry campaign, those image were shot for London…