In and Out Editorial

This beautiful editorial for Elle Decor is just one example of Federico Cedrone’s many photographic masterpieces involving interior…


Solids, Three-Dimensional Figures

“Solids” – a series of photographs by Magdalena K?cikowska and Maciek Zych presents the designs of regular polyhedrons,…


From Buns to Burritos

This week we have our eyes on the work of amazing Norwegian design duo Jørgen Platou Willumsen and Stian Korntvedt Ruud.

Snacks in Amsterdam – 2

Deliciously Photogenic Snacks

A food stylist and a killer photographic duo always come in handy when we need something sinfully delicious to look at.


Amanda Ringstad’s Photographic Vision

A native of the Northwest, Amanda Ringstad draws from her formal fine arts education to offer a photographic vision blending her fondness…


Cosmic Still Life Photography

“Cósmica y Sus Huevos” is a editorial project developed by Daniel Aristizábal for La Monda, an Spanish fashion and design mag…

Lorenzo Penati – Altreforme – 1

“Metal Pop” Still Life Photography

This creative project of the contemporary design world altreforme, known for its innovative approach to aluminum and the technological ma…


Brooke Holm’s Still Life Editorial

Brooke Holm is an Australian-based photographer whose work traverses dramatic landscapes, conceptual still life, considered interiors and…


Paint Job by FakedCandid

“Paint Job” is a series of fashion-fused still-life images that illustrate the cynical side of a painter’s job. The story was created by …


Carnivore: Still Life

Dutch Still Life photographer Arjan Benning is known for pushing the boundaries of conventionality.


The Personal Workspace

T he Personal Workspace  customizes and carefully curates an otherwise dull office desk.


Broste Campaign Photograhy

Stylist Nathalie Schwer and photographer Line Klein put together this beautifully experimental shoot for Broste’s 20014 collection.…


Exploring Italian Conviviality

Italian photographer Beppe Brancato is known for his welcoming attitude towards imperfections and their underlying meanings.


Morning Rituals

Introducing the latest collaboration between Berlin-based set designer and stylist Rebecca Martin and photographer Rita Braz.


Blend: A Take on Dutch Cuisine

Wyne Veen is a Dutch photographer with a controversial eye for capturing the highly manufactured way people live and the absurd appeal of…

racket_anon copy

Molly Cranna Still Life Photography

Molly Cranna’s still life shots are just what we need today. Vibrant, and full of life with a side of humor. Her ability to shoot o…


Art of Balance

Balance is a new personal series by fashion accessories photographer Eva Roovers, based in Amsterdam and Paris.


Chris Turner Still Life Photography

Introduced to black and white printing techniques by his dad, an enthusiastic amateur, Chris Turner developed a strong passion for photog…


The Wonders’ Taste by Francesca Fattori

The Wonders Taste was inspired by a René Magritte’s picture named “The Invisible’s Taste”.  Artist Francesca Fattori often take ins…


Exploring Scents

Interested in exploring the different types of smells they came up with this series of still life’s and GIFs.


“It” by Alexa Chung

Filled with quirky little tidbits from her personal life, Alexa Chung’s much-anticipated book “It” is everything one would ex…