Architecture of Wasted Fantasy – The Poetry of Packaging

German photographer Tom Seelbach is introducing us to his lastest project, ‘Architecture of Wasted Fantasy – The Poetry of Packaging’. The Magically gleaming towers, respectable skyscrapers, clear construction bodies: with the first…


Maxime Poiblanc Fashion Robots

New York City based photographer Maxime Poiblanc has worked with luxury names such as Dior, Gucci, Nars, Fendi, Bally and Jimmy Choo. Poiblanc, a Paris native, worked for many years as an…


Scandinavian Tabletop Simplicity

Photographer Emma Engkvist and props stylist Clare Piper shot this series of images which feature an edited collection of ceramics by smaller London makers based at Turning Earth and tabletop products by…


A Creative Look at Retail Design

Frame Publishers approached Paris-based Bonsoir Paris, a collective with a small multidisciplinary studio to shoot for a one off publication named ‘The Merchant’ for Vitra.


When Food Photography becomes Art

British art director Gem Fletcher and photographer Aaron Tilley worked on these two editorial projects: Space Cakes and Indulgence – Food Weather. The first series for Gourmand shows weather phenomena such as…


The Future Of Artisanal Rugs

ABC Carpet and Home is launching their new campaign “Inspire The Future,” which features their exclusive Aura and Samoke silk rug collections.


Scent of a Man

At the request of mens’s monthly L’Officiel Hommes, Frederik Vercruysse photographed the current best fragrances for men. The beautiful set was designed by Deiborah Bloemen and styled by Romain Vallos.


Aromas of Coffee Visualized

Ryan Romanes was commissioned by New York-based barista’s Junia & Joseph to produce 16 images for their new scratch and sniff book; Aromas in Coffee.


Bathroom Fittings and Inspiration by Groupwork

I came across these inspiring sets styled by Esther Stewart and photographed by Lauren Bamford that were created to showcase a series of bathroom fittings designed by Sarah Trotter for Groupwork.


Giorgio Cravero Colors Series

Italian photographer Giorgio Cravero began his career working as architectural and still life photographer. Moving between traditional photography , digital and new technologies, he often combines several techniques to emphasize and communicate…


Fashion Freaks by Stills & Strokes

Stills & Strokes was initiated by art director and illustrator Melanie Homann and photographer Stefan Vorbeck. Based in Berlin and Hamburg, the duo uses their different working backgrounds and skills to complement…


Heatwave by Paloma Rincon

Madrid-based photographer Paloma Rincon likes to mix languages and techniques when creating images. A still-life expert, Rincon uses products, props, and sometimes people to create a unique point of view in her…


Everything Has a Sole

“Everything Has a Sole” is is a project by Copenhagen-based studio PUTPUT who is known for creating distinctly ambiguous images that challenges the viewer to look twice.


Clean and Bold Rings by Étiquette

A celebration of workmanship and integrity of materials showcased in contemporary fashion for Australian accessory brand Etiquette.


Modern Prosthetics

Catherine Losing was commissioned along with Set Designer Anna Lomax to illustrate an article for The Wellcome Trust’s online science publication, Mosaic. The article looks at the commercialization and development of modern…


Torkil Gudnason Animal Instincts

Originally from Denmark, Torkil Gudnason is a New York based photographer and a visionary figure in beauty, fashion, and still life photography.


Cinematic Precision in Interiors

These images, produced in collaboration with Danielle Selig and James Tolich, feature a number of gloriously exorbitant pieces of furniture.


William Legoullon: Unintended Targets

William LeGoullon is an artist raised and currently based in Phoenix, Arizona. His work covers a wide range of topics, from deserts to abstract art yet this particular series titled “Unintended Targets”…


Hot Rocks by Dan Tobin Smith

Dan Tobin Smith is an English photographer specialized in installation and still life photography.


Dan Tobin for Exhibition Magazine: Powder Issue

For the Powder Issue of Exhibition Magazine, English photographer extraordinaire Dan Tobin Smith was able to capture the ephemeral qualities of powder, which is something often times taken for granted in art.


Wonderplants by Sarah Illenberger

The photographic series Wonderplants was created this summer in a small city garden in Porto, Portugal.


Luxury Weaves its Web

Sarah Illenberger’s multi-disciplinary art focuses on analog craftwork using everyday items. In this series, those everyday items are high-end luxury pieces, commoditized by the internet.


Prop Styling the Scandinavian Way

Amanda Rodriguez is a concept stylist based in Stockholm, Sweden. We couldn’t help but be immediately drawn to her choice of warm tones and and creative, geometric compositions.