Phebe Schmidt Photography
Although she has already made many contributions to magazines such as ID and Dazed & Confused, Phebe Schmidt continues to create work for her own portfolio that are super distinguishable.


Up In the Air
Precise framing and unexpected social patterns emerge from Antoine Rose’s photographs for the aptly named Up In the Air series. Miami offers colorful and sometimes surprisingly organized beaches for its bathers, all unknowingly being watched by an eye in the sky.


Tailor-made Food
Many are the chefs who work tirelessly to improve their most famous dishes which make us salivate endlessly. But Anna Lomax, a designer from London, decided to “prepare” the dishes for the menu today in the best way she knows how.


Sharyn Cairns Beautiful Lifestyle Photography
Sharyn Cairns is an Australia-based photographer showcasing an eclectic visual portfolio, yet she manages to stamp her own style in a classy and comprehensible manner.


Le Livre Blanc by Anne-Sophie Pic
  If the Design Museum ever produced a cookbook, it would look like Anne-Sophie Pic’s latest collection of recipes, Le Livre Blanc. From the pure white front cover – with its title carved out in industrial- style font – to the silver-edged pages, this is a modern, striking cookbook, destined for coffee tables as well […]