Pleasure Escapes of Everyday Life

Italian photographer Fabrizio Raschetti has a peculiarly striking style that warmly reminds us of summer and the simpler pleasures of lif…

domenic bahmann-instagram-domfriday

Instagram Edit of the Week

Australia-based designer and visual artist Domenic Bahmann is an expert at working with symmetry and humor.


Clean and Bold Rings by Étiquette

A celebration of workmanship and integrity of materials showcased in contemporary fashion for Australian accessory brand Etiquette.


Modern Armor

Swiss photographer Marie Rimer has become known for experimenting and capturing unorthodox costumes crafted from everyday materials and i…

daniel everett-untitled-photography

The Functional Beauty of Departure Areas

Daniel Everett is an american artist and photographer native from Ohio, now residing in Utah. His work ranges from sculptures to photogra…


JELL-O Shots for the Holidays

With a return to kitsch styling and playful art direction, design store Forage Modern Workshop‘s latest holiday campaign includes j…


Inspired by The Arctic

Karen van Binsbergen worked together with designers Dusty Thomas and Minou Lejeune on they styling of this intriguing editorial photograp…


Structure in Portraiture

Belgian photographer Jef Claes is a master at working with colorful, geometric, and graphic subjects. While it’s his series of not so can…


Modern Prosthetics

Catherine Losing was commissioned along with Set Designer Anna Lomax to illustrate an article for The Wellcome Trust’s online science pub…


Torkil Gudnason Animal Instincts

Originally from Denmark, Torkil Gudnason is a New York based photographer and a visionary figure in beauty, fashion, and still life photo…


Cinematic Precision in Interiors

These images, produced in collaboration with Danielle Selig and James Tolich, feature a number of gloriously exorbitant pieces of furnitu…


Artificial Nature and Natural Artifice

French-born Lauren Marsolier lives and works in Los Angeles. Her contemporary landscape photography is part of many major collections inc…


William Legoullon: Unintended Targets

William LeGoullon is an artist raised and currently based in Phoenix, Arizona. His work covers a wide range of topics, from deserts to ab…


Hot Rocks by Dan Tobin Smith

Dan Tobin Smith is an English photographer specialized in installation and still life photography.