Modern Prosthetics

Catherine Losing was commissioned along with Set Designer Anna Lomax to illustrate an article for The Wellcome Trust’s online science publication, Mosaic. The article looks at the commercialization and development of modern…


Torkil Gudnason Animal Instincts

Originally from Denmark, Torkil Gudnason is a New York based photographer and a visionary figure in beauty, fashion, and still life photography.


Cinematic Precision in Interiors

These images, produced in collaboration with Danielle Selig and James Tolich, feature a number of gloriously exorbitant pieces of furniture.


Ephlin Cheng: Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

Ephlin Cheng, also known as 3cm, is a Taiwanese photographer known for his exploration of the woman’s body, the way we handle it, and society’s eschewed vision towards what it needs to…


Artificial Nature and Natural Artifice

French-born Lauren Marsolier lives and works in Los Angeles. Her contemporary landscape photography is part of many major collections including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Center for Creative Photography…


William Legoullon: Unintended Targets

William LeGoullon is an artist raised and currently based in Phoenix, Arizona. His work covers a wide range of topics, from deserts to abstract art yet this particular series titled “Unintended Targets”…


Hot Rocks by Dan Tobin Smith

Dan Tobin Smith is an English photographer specialized in installation and still life photography.


Very Inspiring Interior Photography by Jerome Galland

French interior and Travel photographer Jerome Galland has some very inspiring photographs in his portfolio. With a keen eye for detail and color, Galland has shot all around the world, the most…


Dan Tobin for Exhibition Magazine: Powder Issue

For the Powder Issue of Exhibition Magazine, English photographer extraordinaire Dan Tobin Smith was able to capture the ephemeral qualities of powder, which is something often times taken for granted in art.


Wonderplants by Sarah Illenberger

The photographic series Wonderplants was created this summer in a small city garden in Porto, Portugal.


Luxury Weaves its Web

Sarah Illenberger’s multi-disciplinary art focuses on analog craftwork using everyday items. In this series, those everyday items are high-end luxury pieces, commoditized by the internet.


Prop Styling the Scandinavian Way

Amanda Rodriguez is a concept stylist based in Stockholm, Sweden. We couldn’t help but be immediately drawn to her choice of warm tones and and creative, geometric compositions.


Pig or Wig?

Pig or Wig by Isabel and Helen is a series of photographs exploring the eclectic world of guinea pig shows and Cavy Clubs in the UK.


Perfume Study by Pär Olofsson

Pär Olofsson wanted to shoot a story about scents that take you to a specific place.


The Surreal Images of Ben Zank

Ben Zank was born in New York, NY in 1991 and currently lives in Harlem, NY. He works mostly with self-portraiture, using himself as a character in his photographs.


Disappearance – Delphine Burtin

For this series of photographs, Delphine Burtin collected, over a period of one week, and archived, day by day, everything she would normally throw away.

Kamil Kotarba – Hide and Seek -2

Kamil Kotarba’s Digital Isolation

Photographer Kamil Kotarba portrayed the battle between real life and digital reality in his series “Hide and Seek”.


‘My Things’ by Hong Hao

‘My Things’ is a photography project by Hong Hao started in 2001 created by scanning objects. He has been working on this project for 12 years. 12 years, in the Chinese traditional…


Nuno Andrade’s Urban Geometry

Nuno Andrade is a Portuguese photographer and filmmaker who likes to emphasize the great impact and feeling that good photographs can bring.


Midnight Modern: Architecture Under Full Moon Light

Australian photographer Tom Blachford is well known for his interiors and architecture work. With a sharp eye and keen attention to composition, his work stands out among the plethora of interior photographers…


Ships from Above by Dirk Brömmel

Dirk Brömmel creates new perspectives with this extraordinary photo book: true to detail and photographed from above, ships become novel objects that want to be discovered and explored by the viewer.


Notes on a Place by Kimmo Metsäranta

Kimmo Metsäranta´s recent works “Notes on a Place” is a series around themes concerning our everyday life. For years, the top attractions in Helsinki have been churches, museums, monuments, a few parks…