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Clare Piper’s Beautiful Prop Styling

We are loving the latest Soap Rocks series of London-based props, still life and interior stylist Clare Piper. She collaborated with photographer Antosh Sergiew for this very simple still lifes that we…


Shane Griffin’s Chromatic Series

This personal art project by New York based art director Shane Griffin is exploring light transitions through defective glass,


The Woman Who Never Existed by Anja Niemi

This beautiful series of ‘The Woman Who Never Existed” by Anja Niemi was inspired by the words of the pioneering Italian actress Eleonora Duse.


Aryton Page’s Hawaii Minimalist

Aryton Page is a 27 years old photographer from Hawaii who got into the minimal aesthetic couple years ago via Instagram and been obsessed ever since.


Inside Women’s Shells

Photographer for over fifteen years, Brigitte Niedermair carries on her woman body exploration through bounteous fashion shots.


Flower Photography By Ja Soon Kim

The photography of Ja Soon Kim is beautifully arranged and structured. Focusing on wild flora and fruit, the artist gathers dried leaves and flowers on one surface to capture the composition from…