Disappearance – Delphine Burtin

For this series of photographs, Delphine Burtin collected, over a period of one week, and archived, day by day, everything she would…

Kamil Kotarba – Hide and Seek -2

Kamil Kotarba’s Digital Isolation

Photographer Kamil Kotarba portrayed the battle between real life and digital reality in his series “Hide and Seek”.


‘My Things’ by Hong Hao

‘My Things’ is a photography project by Hong Hao started in 2001 created by scanning objects. He has been working on this…


Nuno Andrade’s Urban Geometry

Nuno Andrade is a Portuguese photographer and filmmaker who likes to emphasize the great impact and feeling that good photographs can…


Ships from Above by Dirk Brömmel

Dirk Brömmel creates new perspectives with this extraordinary photo book: true to detail and photographed from above, ships become…


Notes on a Place by Kimmo Metsäranta

Kimmo Metsäranta´s recent works “Notes on a Place” is a series around themes concerning our everyday life. For years, the…