Beril Gulcan “Blackface”

Beril Gulcan first saw Black Face one day at a flea market in Brooklyn, and immediately was drawn to photograph him. At first it was his…


Phantasmagorical Fashion

Rusalka is a label from Budapest with one of a kind garment and accessories. We don’t only love the direction of the styling, we…


Insta Edit @Lailacooks

Laila Gohar is the founder of catering company Sunday Supper. The young cook creates Sensory Food Experiences by only using fresh and…


Qiu Yang for T Magazine China

Mini Title is the photography agency and production company that represents talented photographers such as Qiu Yang.


A Taurus in Pictures

This personal project by photographer Vanessa Rees is not called Taurus for no reason. For those more seasoned in Astrology, the…


Insta Edit: @Parisianfloors

Instagram has become a force within the visual art world over the years. While many artists showcase work they admire, a large…